About us


Company information
Quantum Wealth SA (hereinafter “QW”) is joint-stock company established under Swiss law, in compliance with its own articles of association and the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), listed in the Register of Commerce of Canton Ticino since 13.10.2011, company and VAT number CHE-425.558.059, LEI code 25490097VGTT8REQ8I39. The legal office of QW is in Viale Giuseppe Cattori 5, 6902 Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland, tel. +41916010200, info@quantumwealth.ch, website: www.quantumwealth.ch. The company BDO SA, Zurich is our auditor. Our auditor pursuant to FinSA is the company PFK Certifica SA, Lugano.


Supervisory authority
QW is authorized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA, www.finma.ch) as portfolio manager according to Art. 2 par. 1 lett. a FinIA in connection with Art. 5 par. 1 FinIA (authorization number F01291206). QW is submitted to the continuous supervision of a Supervisory Organisation according to Art. 61 of FinIA and Art. 43a ff. FINMASA, specifically OSFIN Supervisory Financial Organisation (www.osfin.ch, info@osfin.ch). QW is a financial intermediary pursuant to the Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AMLA, RS 955.0) and is subject to supervision pursuant to  AMLA exercised by OSFIN Supervisory Financial Organisation.


Purpose and core business
The goal of QW is to provide portfolio management services pursuant to Art. 17 (1) of the Swiss Federal Act on Financial Institutions (FinIA), on behalf of its own Clients and concerning their assets. The services in question are the management of financial instruments (portfolio management in a narrow sense), provision of customized recommendations concerning operations with financial instruments (investment consultancy) and analysis of portfolios, in compliance with art. 3 c No. 1–4 FinSA.


Mediation procedure
Should any dispute arise concerning the interpretation and implementation of the Contracts, the Court of Lugano shall be competent exclusively. The Client is, in any case, entitled to start a mediation procedure pursuant to article 74 and subsequent articles FinSA before a mediation organ, in our case the Ombudsstelle Finanzdienstleister (OFD), ombudsmann@ofdl.ch, www.ofdl.ch, of which we are a member. The submission of a mediation application to the mediation body does not exclude the possibility of taking the case to a civil court.


Information about risks
Operations with financial instruments are associated with opportunities and risks. Therefore, it is important to know and understand these risks before using a financial service. We recommend to read the booklet “Risks involved in Trading Financial Instrumentsby SBA, which contains general information on typical investment services, the characteristics and risks of financial instruments. Before making an investment, it is always necessary to consider this information about the risks. The booklet (November 2019 edition or a subsequent one) is published by SBA and can be requested in hardback format or read on their Internet site at the following address: www.swissbanking.ch.


Market offer considered for the choice of financial instruments
QW selects financial instruments for the Client within a limited range of options, without any obligation to attribute a priority to those of certain issuers.


Unclaimed assets
Contacts with Clients may be interrupted and assets may subsequently become unclaimed assets. These assets might be eventually forgotten by Clients and their heirs. In order to avoid any loss of contact which may give rise to unclaimed assets, Clients are advised to take care of the following:

  • Name and address changes: Clients are invited to promptly report any change of domicile, address or first/last name.
  • Specific instructions: please provide indications about any long-term absences and requests to forward the correspondence to a different address or to temporarily keep the correspondence, and on how to be contacted in this period in case of urgency.
  • Powers of attorney: it is recommended to appoint an attorney whom QW may get in touch with in case of contact interruption.
  • Information to trusted people / Last will and testament provisions: a further possibility to prevent credits from becoming unclaimed is to inform a trusted person about the relationship with QW. However, QW can only provide this person with information if it was authorized to do so in writing. In addition to this, the assets in questions can be mentioned, for example, in a person’s last will and testament.

QW will be glad to answer any questions about these issues. Further information is also available in the booklet “Unclaimed assets, information from the Swiss Bankers Association”, also available on the following Internet site: www.swissbanking.ch.