Asset Protection

Advantages of Switzerland
Switzerland is a sovereign state with excellent economic fundamentals. Its currency, the Swiss franc, has historically been strong and is supported by an independent central bank (SNB). The country offers exceptional political and institutional stability, an efficient and trustworthy legal and judicial system, as well as an attractive, business-oriented environment. Switzerland regularly scores one of the highest results in all global competitiveness rankings. The service sector represents 70% of Switzerland’s GDP and includes three internationally relevant financial centers such as Zurich, Geneva and Lugano. Switzerland’s attractive and highly reliable financial system is based on a network of solid, well-capitalized banks offering state-of the-art products, services and technology. A large number of these institutions are specialized in private banking and custody services, and have limited exposure to commercial activities or investment banking. The country also boasts a broad and efficient network of financial intermediaries, including independent wealth managers and multi-family offices.

These factors, along with the country’s high regard for personal privacy and confidentiality, have helped Switzerland attract a large amount of clients from all over the world. These include high net worth individulas from emerging markets looking for more compelling investment opportunities in a secure environment.


Protecting your assets is a very important aspect of what we do. In our view the following issues are of particular importance in this regard:


Separation private-business wealth
As they create wealth, entrepreneurs in particular tend not to clearly separate their private from their business-related assets. We highly recommend that you do, particularly if you have a family. This can be done in progressive steps, and can go a long way to protecting your private wealth against any future claims.


Risk diversification
When it comes to asset allocation, we suggest keeping the following issues in mind:

When it comes to investments and asset allocation, we suggest keeping the following key points in mind:

  • The economic risks in many developed economies, among other things due to extended public or private sector debt, lower growth prospects and/or the lack of fiscal consolidation.
  • Specific risks associated with the local country/region due to political and institutional instability, the risk of banking system insolvency, and/or legal and regulatory framework uncertainties.
  • Environmental risks such as the introduction of new rules affecting tax planning strategies, reduced tax deductions and other limitations.

Thanks to its stability and strength, Switzerland offers excellent means of mitigating such risks.


Asset Protection Structures
Appropriate solutions can greatly assist you in protecting your assets. We consider all the relevant options, such as companies, trusts, foundations and single-premium life insurance, either individually or combined. Most of these structures have the additional advantage of supporting you with your succession planning, ensuring that your inheritance wishes are followed.

In relation to the choice of a custodian bank for your bankable assets, we cooperate with a wide range of solid banks primarily located in Switzerland and we can help you to efficiently locate your funds with the desired geographical diversification.